10 Facts About Lelouch Code Geass

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Lelouch Code Geass is an incredibly popular anime series that has been running since 2006. The show follows the story of Lelouch Lamperouge, a young student who is granted the power of Geass by a mysterious woman called C.C. With this power, he can control people’s minds and manipulate them to do whatever he desires.

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The series has seen many adaptations over the years, from manga to video games and even live-action films. It has millions of fans around the world since it was first released in Japan in October 2006. Here are some secrets behind Lelouch Code Geass that will help you understand more about this amazing series:

1) The Code Geass universe is filled with unique characters: From powerful villains like Emperor Charles zi Britannia to brave heroes like Kallen Stadtfeld. The series also features a range of unique mechas, such as the Knightmare Frames used by Lelouch’s group of allies.

2) Lelouch’s power, Geass, has two forms: the “Command” and “Request” forms. The Command form allows him to issue commands that people must obey without question, while the Request form gives him the ability to ask people for favors or information.

3) Suzaku Kururugi is a major character in Code Geass who holds an important role in Lelouch’s story. He is both a friend and enemy of Lelouch, as well as a rival in the series.

4) The series has several plot twists that have kept fans guessing since its release. One of these is the reveal of Lelouch’s true identity, which was kept secret for most of the show.

5) Code Geass features many themes, such as friendship, loyalty and betrayal. These themes have been explored throughout the story, making it an incredibly complex and gripping anime series.

6) In addition to being an anime series, Code Geass also spawned several spin-off manga and video games that continue to explore the world created by this franchise.

7) The original Japanese voice actors who portray Lelouch Lamperouge and C.C., Jun Fukuyama and Yukana, have both won awards for their performances.

8) Code Geass has achieved critical acclaim and success worldwide due to its originality and engaging story. It has been nominated for several awards, including the Tokyo Anime Award for “Best Work” in 2008.

9) The director of the series, Gorō Taniguchi, is known for his use of creative imagery and storytelling techniques that bring the world of Lelouch to life.

10) Code Geass has a wide range of merchandise available around the world, from figures to clothing items and even cards featuring characters from the show. Fans are always eager to get their hands on new products related to this beloved series.

Whether you’re a fan of the original anime series or the newer adaptations, Lelouch Code Geass has something for everyone. With its unique characters and complex storylines, it’s no wonder that this series continues to be one of the most popular animes of all time.

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