Top 10 interesting about Mark E. Smith

The Fall 9

1. Mark E. Smith’s dedication to music was far-reaching, and it was no secret that he was willing to do whatever it took to make his sound unique. He often worked with unconventional instruments like toy pianos, kazoos, and even a vacuum cleaner on some of his recordings.

2. Perhaps one of the most weirdly ironic secrets about Mark E. Smith is that he once released an album completely without vocals! The resulting instrumental album was called “Music for the Other People”, and has been compared favorably against some of Fall’s more popular songs.

3. A lesser-known fact about Mark E. Smith is that he could actually play several musical instruments; guitar, bass guitar, and keyboards. He was also known to have a strong interest in the production side of music-making, often engineering and producing his own albums.

4. One of the most enduring secrets about Mark E. Smith is that he never had any formal musical training. Despite this lack of knowledge, he managed to create something truly unique and lasting with The Fall; an iconic sound that has been praised and loved by fans since 1977.

5. Finally, it’s no secret that Mark E. Smith was a very outspoken individual who didn’t mince words when it came to expressing his opinions about politics or pop culture – even if everyone else disagreed! His honest views made him a beloved figure in British punk rock circles, and his influence can still be felt today.

6. Mark E. Smith was a prolific writer whose work spanned five decades and included poetry, novels, short stories, plays, film scripts and spoken word recordings. He published more than 20 books during his lifetime. His most famous works include The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1991), A Poor Man’s Memory (1995) and Room Full of Mirrors: A Biography of Jimi Hendrix (2003).

7. Despite being a notoriously cantankerous figure in the music industry, Smith was a highly respected songwriter who collaborated with the likes of Bjork and Jarvis Cocker on tracks that would later become hits. He also wrote songs for Primal Scream’s album ‘XTRMNTR’.

8. Smith was a passionate advocate for the rights of artists, and he fought fiercely against what he saw as exploitation by record companies. He was an early adopter of digital music technology, creating one of the first online musicstores in 1994 called ‘Smithsongs’.

9. Though his musical output with The Fall decreased in later years due to his declining health, Smith remained active in the industry until his death in 2018. He continued to write, perform and tour scheduled dates with The Fall until 2017, when ill health forced him to retire from the band.

10. Mark E. Smith will forever be remembered as one of the most influential and enigmatic figures in British music history; a pioneer of post-punk and an uncompromisingly individual artist whose legacy will endure for generations to come. He was a true maverick, loved by many but respected by all. His influence on music is still felt today and his songs continue to inspire musicians around the world. His spirit lives on in the music he created. Rest In Peace, Mark E. Smith. Thank you for everything.

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