Top 10 Facts About Frankenstein Digital

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Frankenstein Digital is a popular flash game based on Mary Shelley’s classic horror novel. If you’re familiar with the story, you know it’s all about a scientist who creates a creature out of parts from dead bodies. Frankenstein Digital lets players create their own version of the famous monster and explore its world through various puzzles and levels.

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And if you’re looking for more fun facts that tie in with this unique online experience, here are 10 pieces of trivia about Frankenstein Digital:

1. The game was created by two independent developers in 2011 and has since become one of the most popular flash games around.

2. The sequel to the game, titled “Frankenstein 2”, was released in 2013 and includes improved graphics and new features.

3. Players have the option to customize their own version of the Frankenstein monster, choosing from different body parts and clothing items.

4. The game includes a variety of puzzles that players must solve in order to progress through the levels.

5. Each level is designed to be more difficult than the one before it, with new challenges and obstacles for players to overcome.

6. Players can also unlock special bonus levels by completing certain tasks or finding secret items throughout each level.

7. Frankenstein Digital has been praised for its unique art style which captures the horror atmosphere perfectly while still being family-friendly enough for kids to play without fear of nightmares!

8. The game received numerous awards and nominations including the “Best Flash Game” at the Independent Games Festival in 2012.

9. Players can also collaborate with friends online by sharing accomplishments and helping each other solve puzzles.

10. Frankenstein Digital is available for free on a variety of platforms, including iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

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