Top 10 Facts About Ken Block

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Ken Block has raced in a number of events throughout his career, including the Global Rallycross Championship, X Games and World Rally Championship. He is also well-known for his popular Gymkhana videos which showcase his drifting and driving abilities.

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In 2009, Ken Block became the first American to win an individual rally event in over 20 years when he won the Race of Champions in Rome. In addition to this achievement, he was named as one of the most influential personalities in action sports by Fox Sports Network that same year.

Aside from his successes on the race track, Ken Block is highly regarded for his philanthropic work. In 2011, he founded DC Shoes’ charitable foundation “Rally for Kids” which raises money for children’s charities. He has also helped fund a number of sport-related projects such as the Supercross track at Lake Elsinore and the expansion of Woodward’s Camp in California.

In 2013, Ken Block was inducted into the Rally America Hall of Fame for his numerous contributions to rally racing and motorsport in general. This honor came after his consistent excellence on both the race track and on YouTube where millions have watched his Gymkhana videos.

Ken Block continues to be an icon in the action sports world, inspiring countless others with his accomplishments both on and off the track. His passion for racing is evident through his relentless dedication to becoming one of the best drivers in all forms of motorsport. From winning races to founding charities, Ken Block has made a lasting impact on the action sports community

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