Top 10 Secrets About Adelaide 36ers

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Adelaide 36ers is one of Australia’s most successful basketball teams. From their foundation in 1982, the 36ers have achieved numerous accolades such as three National Basketball League (NBL) championships, four NBL Grand Final appearances and 10 playoff berths. Their success has been shared with their loyal fan base who have supported them throughout the years.

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Here are the Top 10 Secrets about Adelaide 36ers:

1. The team was formed when two clubs, West Adelaide Bearcats and Forestville Eagles, amalgamated in 1982.

2. The club’s name comes from their original home court ‘The 36ers Stadium’, which had a seating capacity of 3,600 people.

3. During the 1990s they were known as the ‘Adelaide COMETS’ due to a controversial sponsorship deal.

4. In 1995, the club was crowned NBL Champions for the first time in their history and went on to win another two championships in 1998 and 2019.

5. Legendary coach Phil Smyth coached the 36ers between 1983-1997 and led them to eight consecutive finals series appearances and four Grand Finals during his tenure.

6. The 36ers have had some of Australia’s greatest basketball players donning their jersey including Brett Maher, Martin Cattalini, Richard Hill and Mark Davis.

7. For ten seasons between 1988-1998 Adelaide 36ers held an annual pre-season tournament called “The City of Churches Championship” which featured teams from all over the world.

8. In 2012, the team moved to a new home venue at Titanium Security Arena (formerly Adelaide Arena).

9. The 36ers have been pioneers in social media having launched their own app and have recently partnered with Marvel to produce comic book heroes inspired by current players on the team.

10. The club is committed to giving back to its community through various initiatives such as the “36ers Take Action” program which works with local schools and charities across South Australia.

As one of Australia’s leading basketball clubs, Adelaide 36ers has been part of many remarkable moments throughout its 37-year history. Their passionate fan base can only look forward to more success in the years to come.

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