Top 10 Secrets About Billy Idol

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Billy Idol ‘s fame as a musician and film star has been well-documented over the years. He is known for his unique style and signature sound that was greatly influenced by punk rock. Despite being in the limelight for decades, Billy Idol has managed to keep some of his life private – until now. We’ve compiled a list of 10 secrets about Billy Idol that you may not have known about.

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1. Billy Idol had an interesting childhood growing up in England; he moved around often, attending several schools before settling at Shene County Grammar School when he was 14 years old. It was here where Billy first became interested in music, particularly punk rock.

2. Billy was once arrested after participating in a riot during a performance

by The Who in 1976. Billy and his friends were seated in the front row, and Billy was actively involved in the chaos that ensued when members of the audience began to throw firecrackers at the stage.

3. Billy Idol is a two-time Grammy nominee for his work on both albums, Rebel Yell (1984) and Charmed Life (1990).

4. Billy Idol’s song “White Wedding” has been covered or sampled by over 20 different artists, including Marilyn Manson, Pitbull and Avril Lavigne.

5. Billy Idol was once married to Perri Lister, whom he met during an audition for a role in a West End theater production of Grease. Together they had one child, Willem, who Billy still maintains a close relationship with today.

6. Billy Idol originally chose the stage name “Billy Idle” but found that it was already in use by another artist in England. He opted to change the spelling of his stage name to Billy Idol to make it unique.

7. Billy Idol co-wrote the theme song for The Flintstones movie (1994), which he also starred in alongside Rick Moranis and Rosie O’Donnell.

8. Billy Idol has had several notable collaborations throughout his career, including working with other music legends such as David Bowie and Iggy Pop on the album Blah Blah Blah (1986).

9. Billy Idol is also an accomplished actor. He has had roles in films such as The Wedding Singer (1998) and Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again (2016).

10. Billy Idol is a fan of visual art and has even created some of his own works for charity auctions. His most notable piece is a diamond-encrusted skull he named “The Billy Idol Skull.”

These are just some of the interesting facts about Billy Idol that many people may not be aware of. It’s clear that Billy Idol is more than just a singer – he is an artist, an actor, and a philanthropist who continues to make his mark on the world today. With this knowledge under your belt, you can impress your friends with fun Billy Idol trivia!

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