TOP 10 Secrets About Buzz & Woody

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Buzz & Woody are some of the most beloved characters from the Disney Pixar franchise. Together, they capture the hearts of children and adults alike with their friendship, humor, and courage. Despite being two completely different toys, these two create a special bond that audiences can watch grow over time.

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From their popularity in the Toy Story series to accompanying Woody on his big-screen adventures in the Toy Story spin-offs, Buzz & Woody have become household names. Here are 10 secrets about Buzz & Woody that you may not know:

  1. The character of Buzz Lightyear was originally going to be called “Tempest” and he was going to be a space ranger from Mercury. However, this idea was changed during production.
  2. The character of Woody was originally going to be voiced by comedian Jim Carrey, but the role eventually went to Tom Hanks.
  3. Buzz & Woody’s iconic catchphrase “To infinity and beyond” wasn’t added until later in production.
  4. The real-world inspiration for Buzz & Woody’s relationship was based on the movie “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, where the friendship between Huck and Jim is explored.
  5. The design for Buzz Lightyear was loosely based on astronaut Pete Conrad who flew to the moon in 1969.
  6. The voice of Buzz Lightyear, Tim Allen, also had a hand in creating his character. He suggested some of the catchphrases and mannerisms that made Buzz so memorable.
  7. The character of Woody was originally going to be voiced by comedian Billy Crystal, but he turned it down because at the time he thought it would be a “lousy movie”.
  8. Buzz & Woody’s catchphrase “You are a toy!” was originally going to be “You are a toy robot!”
  9. While Buzz & Woody were the main characters in the Toy Story films, they weren’t the first characters created. That honor goes to Mr. Potato Head whose design and creation pre-dated the initial production of Toy Story by five years.
  10. In 2011, Buzz Lightyear and Woody were inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame in recognition of their popularity.

Buzz & Woody’s friendship has been a source of inspiration and comfort to many viewers. The bond between these two characters helps remind us that no matter our differences, it is possible to come together and create something special. And, as we all know, with Buzz and Woody, anything is possible.

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