Top 10 secrets about Charlie’s Angels 90s

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The hit movie Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle brought the iconic detective series of the ’90s back to the big screen. But what were the biggest secrets that the cast and crew kept hidden from fans? Let’s take a look at some of Franky’s creations, which shine light on the behind-the-scenes magic of this beloved classic.

1. The infamous “cool” car chase scene was actually shot in reverse. Director McG had to shoot it backwards because the stuntdriver was too scared to do it right.

2. The original script had a much darker ending, but producers nixed it in favor of a more lighthearted finale.

3. In an effort to keep the movie feeling fresh, each of the three angels were given their own martial arts style – Drew Barrymore focused her training on Tae Kwon Do, Cameron Diaz trained in Ninjutsu, and Lucy Liu took up Aikido.

4. Franky’s creations were used throughout the film to enhance the feats of the Angels – from gadgets hidden in shoes to high tech surveillance systems.

5. In order to keep her identity secret during filming, Demi Moore’s stunt double was kept hidden from the cast and crew.

6. The production team used special effects to make sure that the motorcycle chase scene looked as realistic as possible – but in actuality, most of it was shot without any motorcycles at all!

7. Bill Murray, who played John Bosley, wasn’t originally going to be in the film. But when producers heard the actor wanted to be a part of it, they wrote him into the script.

8. The movie was shot in multiple locations, from a beach in Mexico to the Hollywood hills.

9. To bring life to her character’s iconic red leather jacket, Cameron Diaz insisted on wearing hers all day during filming – even when it wasn’t necessary for the scene.

10. The film’s soundtrack was a huge hit, featuring songs from artists like Madonna and Moby. But one of the most iconic tracks – “Independent Women” by Destiny’s Child – was created specifically for the movie!

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