Top 10 Secrets About Drive Tiësto

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Drive Tiësto has become one of the biggest names in EDM. With an illustrious career spanning almost two decades, his music and performances have taken him to heights that many DJs only dream of. But there are some things about this legend of the decks that even his most devoted fans may not know. Here, we uncover 10 secrets about Drive Tiësto.

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1. He was born Tijs Verwest: His stage name is a homage to his real name – Tijs Verwest, which translates from Dutch as ‘Tiësto’.

2. He started out as a club DJ: Among the clubs he spun at early on were The Spock and The Vortex in Breda, Netherlands – two of the most famous venues in the scene at the time.

3. He was the first DJ to ever play live on stage: In 2002, he performed a six hour set at Dutch festival Pinkpop – making him the first-ever DJ to perform on stage rather than behind it.

4. He’s made many remixes and collaborated with other artists: Drive Tiësto has remixed songs for everyone from Coldplay to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, as well as collaborating with over 100 different artists across multiple genres.

5. He released his own record label: Black Hole Recordings was founded by Tiësto in 1997 and quickly became one of the biggest labels in EDM, launching the careers of countless DJs.

6. He’s had his music featured in video games: His tracks have been featured in popular video games including Need for Speed, Dance Dance Revolution and World of Warcraft.

7. He’s released two solo albums: Tiësto has released two albums under his own name – Just Be (2004) and Kaleidoscope (2009).

8. He was voted ‘DJ Mag’s Greatest DJ Of All Time’: In 2010, he topped a poll by UK-based magazine DJ Mag, earning him the title of ‘Greatest DJ Of All Time’.

9. He’s hosted his own radio show: His radio show ‘Club Life’ is broadcast weekly on over 30 FM and digital radio stations across the world.

10. He’s been inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame: In 2011, Drive Tiësto was inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame in honour of his contribution to EDM culture.

These are just a few of the secrets about one of EDM’s most iconic figures – Drive Tiësto. From his humble beginnings as a club DJ to being recognised as one of the greatest DJs ever, he has achieved far more than anyone could have expected – and with more sure to come, it remains to be seen what heights this musical genius can reach.

By understanding the secrets behind one of the most successful DJs ever, it’s easy to see why his music and performances have taken him to great heights in EDM culture. The story of Drive Tiësto is truly inspiring and serves as proof that with determination and hard work, anything is possible. With more sure to come from this legend, who knows what he will achieve next – we can be certain it’s going to be something big!

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