Top 10 secrets about Etotama

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1. Etotama aren’t picky eaters, but they have a preference for sweet and salty foods. They may even be seen munching on candy or chips from time to time.

2. These critters are solitary creatures and prefer living alone rather than in groups like other animals do. This means that it is very difficult to find more than one Etotama in the same place at the same time.

3. Although their appearances vary, all Etotama share a common trait: each one of them has an eye patch covering one eye! This is part of their mystical charm and makes them easily recognizable in any crowd.

4. The love of music is deeply ingrained into the Etotama’s soul. This is why they love to listen to any type of music and often hum or dance along whenever they hear a good song.

5. While it may seem like Etotamas are good-natured, they can be mischievous at times. They have been known to play pranks on humans and other creatures alike! Be sure to keep an eye out for them if you ever find yourself in their presence. After all, you never know what these little critters may be up to.

6. You can make friends with the characters in Etotama by playing mini games in the NyaNya Town section of the app. This interactive area allows players to interact with the characters and collect helpful items such as coins, gems, and power ups.

7. The Shinya Shrine is a location of great importance in Etotama’s universe. It serves as a place where prayers are made and wishes granted – but be careful what you wish for!

8. The series features an array of colorful creatures known as ‘Etomon’ which must be collected and cared for by players in order to progress through the game.

9. In order for players to continue advancing through the game, they must fulfill various friendship missions with the different characters.

10. Etotama also features special events that take place periodically throughout the year, such as the ‘Lucky Cat Festival’ which allows players to receive rare items and bonus experience points.


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