Top 10 secrets about Gunna Wunna


Gunna Wunna is a hip hop artist and songwriter has risen to fame in recent years He is best known for his single “Drip Too Hard”, which peaked at number four on Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2018. While Gunna has made a name for himself with his music, here are some lesser-known secrets about him.

1. His real name isn’t Gunna Wunna: His birth name is Sergio Giavanni Kitchens, but he chose to go by his stage name when he started making music.

2. He works closely with Jason Day: Not only did they collaborate on “Drip Too Hard” together, but Jason produces most of Gunna’s music.

3. He has a tattoo to honor his father: On his left arm, Gunna has the words “R.I.P King Sergio” in tribute to his late father who passed away when he was young.

4. He is a big fan of horror movies: Gunna often cites horror films as one of his main sources of inspiration, and he loves watching them whenever he gets a chance!

5. His musical influences range from classic rock to neo-soul: From Led Zeppelin and Bob Dylan to Erykah Badu and Anderson .Paak, you can hear elements of different genres and styles in Gunna’s music.

6. He loves animals: Gunna is a big animal lover, and his Instagram is full of pictures with cats and other animals.

7. His hobbies include video games and golf: When he’s not working on music, you can find him playing his favorite video game or hitting the links at the local golf course!

8. He has collaborated with some of hip-hop’s biggest artists: From Travis Scott to Young Thug and Metro Boomin, Gunna has worked with some of the genre’s most prominent figures.

9. His debut EP was released in 2016: Before “Drip Too Hard” made him a household name, Gunna released his first EP titled “Hardbody” in 2016.

10. He is from Atlanta, Georgia: Like many of hip hop’s biggest stars, Gunna hails from the birthplace of trap music – Atlanta, Georgia. From this city he has taken inspiration for his sound and helped to put it on the map.

These are just some of the little-known secrets about Gunna Wunna that reveal why he is one of today’s hottest hip hop artists. From collaborating with some of rap’s biggest names to honoring his father with a tattoo and creating impactful music that draws from multiple genres, Gunna is an artist who continues to surprise us all!

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