Top 10 Secrets About Hayley Kiyoko

Hayley Kiyoko has achieved a lot in her career. She’s been nominated for multiple awards, and she’s had huge success with her music and acting roles. But there are still some secrets about Hayley that many people don’t know. Here are the top 10 secrets about Hayley Kiyoko that you may not have heard before:

  1. Hayley sang the theme song for Nickelodeon’s children’s show, Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie.
  2. She was a part of the teen pop group The Stunners in 2010, alongside other popular singers like Tinashe and Allie Gonino.
  3. Hayley is a huge Harry Potter fan and she has a tattoo of the Deathly Hallows symbol on her arm.
  4. She is also a fan of karate and practices it regularly.
  5. Hayley’s music video for “Gravel To Tempo” was the first music video by an Asian-American singer to be featured on Ellen DeGeneres’ show.
  1. Kiyoko uses her platform to advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. Her 2018 music video, “Curious” features an all-female love story, making it one of the first mainstream pop videos that explores a lesbian relationship. The video was well-received and helped define her as a powerful voice within the queer community.
  2. She believes that everyone should be their true selves, and has even used her music as a way to document her journey of self-discovery. In an interview with Zane Lowe, Kiyoko said “My songs are very much my journey and the steps I’m taking to find who I am … The only way you can really truly live your life is if you’re honest with yourself and you’re willing to take the risks that come with it”.
  3. In addition to her music, Kiyoko is an actress, having starred in films such as Jem and the Holograms and Insidious: Chapter 3. She’s also had roles in television shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Fosters, and Raven’s Home.
  4. She is an avid animal lover and even has a dog named Sambuca! Kiyoko also uses her platform to advocate for the humane treatment of animals, often sharing stories of rescue pets in need of adoption on her social media accounts.
  5. Lastly, Kiyoko is an inspiration to many people around the world. She has used her platform to spread positivity and love, and has been quoted as saying “I want people to know that it’s okay to be you”. Her message of self-acceptance and inclusion resonates with many, making her an important voice in the pop music industry today.

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