Top 10 Secrets About Joc Pederson

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Joc Pederson is the Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder and one of the team’s most valuable players. He has achieved multiple all-star appearances, and his career highlights include a grand slam in Game 5 the 2017 World Series. Here 10 lesser-known facts about this talented athlete

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1) Joc Pederson grew up a huge Seattle Mariners fan, but he was drafted by the rival Los Angeles Dodgers in 2010.

2) As a child, Pederson idolized Ken Griffey Jr., who played for both the Mariners and Dodgers in his career.

3) His brother, Tyger Pederson, also plays professional baseball for the San Francisco Giants.

4) Joc is an excellent fielder as well as an impressive hitter. He has logged a .981 fielding percentage and earned the Gold Glove Award for Left Fielders in 2019.

5) Pederson was born on April 21, 1992, making him one of the youngest players to appear in a Major League Baseball game as a rookie.

6) When he first signed with the Dodgers, he went by his given name Joc Russell Pederson but he later changed it to just “Joc Pederson” for consistency.

7) He is known for having an intense batting routine before every at-bat which includes stretching and several practice swings.

8) In 2016, he became the first Dodger player to hit 30+ home runs in a season since 2009, when Andre Ethier hit 31.

9) He led the National League in home run percentage during his rookie year and was named NL Rookie of the Year runner-up.

10) At certain points throughout his career, Pederson has formed a powerful hitting duo with Mets outfielder Michael Conforto. The two have been seen participating in pregame batting practice together occasionally.

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