Top 10 Secrets About Los Pollos Hermanos

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Los Pollos Hermanos, made famous by the hit television series Breaking Bad, has long been a favorite restaurant for locals and tourists alike. But what many people don’t know is that there are a number of secrets hiding behind the walls of Los Pollos Hermanos! Jonathan Majors, one of the original founders of Los Pollos Hermanos, took the time to share with us some of his most interesting secrets. Here are the top 10 secrets about Los Pollos Hermanos that Jonathan Majors has revealed to us:

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1. The chicken used in the restaurant’s famous rotisserie chickens is sourced from a family farm outside of Albuquerque. Each chicken is carefully raised on an all-organic, free range diet and given extra care to ensure optimum flavor and quality.

2. The restaurant’s signature sauces and marinades are made in-house, using a unique blend of herbs, spices, and seasonings that have been passed down through generations of the Majors family.

3. To ensure freshness, all ingredients used at Los Pollos Hermanos are purchased daily from local markets or farms in Albuquerque.

4. The restaurant’s fryers are never pre-filled with oil, and the cooking oil is changed regularly to ensure maximum flavor for each batch of food.

5. Every single dish served at Los Pollos Hermanos is prepared fresh from scratch – no pre-packaged or frozen foods ever make it onto a plate!

6. To create its unique flavor, the restaurant’s signature seasoning mix is kept a closely guarded secret, and only Jonathan Majors knows the exact ingredients!

7. Los Pollos Hermanos has earned an impressive reputation for quality service and friendly staff, with many of its employees having worked there since its opening in 1995.

8. The restaurant has a number of long-term customers who have been coming back for years, and many loyal fans from all over the world!

9. To stay ahead of the competition, Los Pollos Hermanos creates new menu items every few months to keep things fresh and exciting.

10. And finally, Jonathan Majors’ biggest secret of all: the recipe for Los Pollos Hermanos’ famous special sauce! Though he won’t reveal the ingredients, it’s said to be one of the most delicious sauces you’ll ever taste.

So there you have it – 10 secrets about Los Pollos Hermanos that only Jonathan Majors knows! With such a commitment to freshness and quality, it’s no wonder why so many people can’t get enough of this famous restaurant. Be sure to take a visit the next time you find yourself in Albuquerque!

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