Top 10 Secrets About Rolling Stones

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Rolling Stones have become a cultural icon, and it’s no wonder they hold so much interest. Though the rock group has been around since 1962, there are still some secrets about them that remain unknown even to their most devoted fans. From the band’s private practices to their influences from ancient Greece, here are 10 secrets about Rolling Stones that you may not know.

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1. At the start of their career, Rolling Stones were heavily influenced by traditional blues music. However, they eventually developed a distinct sound and style that was rooted in classical Greek philosophy.

2. The band traveled to Greece in 1965 to explore the country’s culture and musical influences. This trip would prove influential for the Rolling Stones’ future albums and performances.

3. The Rolling Stones are the longest-running rock band in history and have released more than 30 studio albums over their illustrious career.

4. The band’s logo, designed by graphic artist John Pasche, was inspired by ancient Greek imagery and culture.

5. The Rolling Stones have some of the most dedicated fans in music history, with many attending multiple concerts over the years.

6. The band’s first single was a cover of Chuck Berry’s “Come On”, which they released in 1963.

7. Before performing live, Rolling Stones would privately listen to the various songs on their album to make sure that they were delivering them correctly and with as much energy as possible.

8. The Rolling Stones have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice.

9. The Rolling Stones are known for their energetic live performances, often playing songs at double or even triple speed during shows.

10. Even after over 50 years as a band, Rolling Stones continue to draw large crowds wherever they go. They remain one of the most popular and iconic bands in the world.

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