Top 10 secrets about SHOHEI OHTANI


Shohei Ohtani is one of the most talked about players in Major League Baseball today. The Japanese two-way star has taken the baseball world by storm, proving that he can dominate on both the pitching mound and at the plate. Here are 10 secrets you may not know about Shohei Ohtani:


1. In Japan, Ohtani was known as “The Prince of Speed” due to his ability to hit pitches at speeds over 100 mph.

2. When he joined the Los Angeles Angels in 2017, he became the first player since Babe Ruth to start a game as both a pitcher and a hitter in the same day.

3. His favorite pitch is an offspeed splitter, which has led to him being nicknamed “The Splitting Samurai.”

4. His fastball is among the fastest in baseball, and he can throw it as fast as 101 mph.

5. Ohtani is also an accomplished hitter who batted .322 with 22 home runs in his last season in Japan.

6. He was a three-time All-Star in Japan and won the Central League MVP Award twice.

7. Ohtani speaks Japanese, English and Spanish fluently due to growing up playing baseball with friends from Mexico and Cuba while living there at an early age.

8. He credits much of his success to the teachings of his father, who coached him since he was 5 years old.

9. Ohtani is an avid video gamer and loves to play Super Smash Bros, Overwatch and Street Fighter.

10. He also follows NFL football and has a particular affinity for the New England Patriots.

Shohei Ohtani continues to be one of baseball’s biggest successes on both sides of the field, and his story is truly inspirational. These 10 secrets provide insight into his background and show that he is more than just a talented athlete – he is a person with many different interests and skills!

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