Top 10 Secrets About Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift has a huge presence in the music industry, but there are still many secrets about her that people don’t know. Here are 10 secrets about Taylor Swift:

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1. Before signing with Big Machine Records, Taylor had already written over 200 songs and composed original music on the guitar and piano.

2. She was only 16 when she wrote her first self-titled album “Taylor Swift” which became a surprise hit in 2006.

3. As a teenager, Taylor used to open for Brad Paisley during his tour in 2005, which helped launch her career.

4. Taylor started writing poetry at age 9, after being inspired by Shania Twain’s songwriting style.

5. She is a huge fan of the show “Friends” and even recreated one of the show’s iconic scenes with Selena Gomez in her music video for “22.”

6. Taylor has been endorsed by brands such as Diet Coke, Covergirl and Keds since she was 16 years old.

7. In 2012, she became the youngest person to be included on Forbes’ list of 100 Most Powerful Women.

8. Her single “Love Story” was the first country song to ever peak at number one on iTunes charts worldwide.

9. Taylor is an art enthusiast who often wears clothing designed by famous fashion houses like Prada and Balmain during her red carpet appearances.

10. Taylor has won countless awards such as 10 Grammy Awards, an Emmy Award and 23 Billboard Music Awards over the course of her career. She is one of the most decorated musicians in history.

Taylor Swift’s success is truly inspiring, and these secrets about her life prove that she isn’t just an ordinary artist—she’s a remarkable songwriter, performer, and businesswoman with some extraordinary talents!

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