Top 10 secrets about Trevor Bauer


Trevor Bauer’s success on the field is undeniable, and his unorthodox approach to the game has earned him a lot of attention. But there are still some secrets about Bauer that even his biggest fans might not know. Here’s a look at ten of them:


1. Trevor credits part of his pitching prowess to an unconventional training method he developed in high school—a throwing program called “long toss.” Long-tossing involves throwing a baseball downfield farther than normal distances (up to 300 feet). This helps build arm strength and endurance like no other form of exercise could.

2. Despite being known as one of MLB’s most eccentric personalities, Trevor is extremely charitable off the field. He’s donated over $1 million to charities and supports many causes, including supporting veterans and the homeless.

3. Bauer was drafted out of high school in 2011 by the Diamondbacks, but chose to go to UCLA instead—an incredibly rare decision for a high school baseball player at the time. His gamble paid off in 2013 when he was re-drafted by Cleveland and became one of MLB’s top prospects.

4. Trevor is a firm supporter of sabermetrics, or “Moneyball”-style analytics—a departure from the traditional approach to scouting players in Major League Baseball.

5. He has his own YouTube channel where he posts videos on everything from pitching tips (including his long-toss program) to his new charity initiatives.

6. Trevor is a fitness fanatic and has developed an innovative workout routine called “The Bauer Program” that helps players improve their performance on the field by building strength and agility.

7. He was named one of GQ Magazine’s “Most Stylish Players in Baseball” for 2016, with a clothing collection from fashion label True Religion featuring Bauer’s signature logo and colors.

8. He also has a line of baseballs designed specifically for him, produced by Rawlings and known as the Platinum Pro XFTB—which stands for “Extra Fast Twitch Baseball”—to help maximize performance and spin rate on pitches.

9. Trevor has an affinity for drones and loves to incorporate them into his workouts. He’s also been known to take them with him on the road and use them to explore new cities.

10. In 2020, Bauer started a podcast called “The Momentum Theory” where he interviews professional athletes, business leaders, and other guests about their career experiences and thoughts on success. With each interview, Trevor dives deeper into what it takes to achieve success in any field. This podcast is another testament to Bauer’s desire to push boundaries both on and off the field.




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