Top 10 Secrets About Trump

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Trump is known for many things — his business acumen, his outspokenness and, of course, his real estate empire. But there are some secrets about the man behind the famous golden-haired facade that many don’t know. From his political aspirations to his relationships with influential world leaders, here are the top 10 secrets about Trump you probably didn’t know.

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1. Prior to entering the presidential race in 2016, Donald Trump had a long history of flirting with politics. He ran for president as an independent in 2000 and had considered running on several occasions before finally taking the plunge in 2015.

2. Despite being born into wealth and privilege, Trump was not always well-liked by those in power when he first sought office. He was once denied a loan at the behest of then-New York Mayor Ed Koch, who accused him of having “no integrity”.

3. Trump has a penchant for foreign leaders and has cultivated relationships with several prominent figures from around the world, including North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

4. Despite his strong rhetoric against certain countries, Trump has business interests in several different markets abroad, including golf courses in Scotland and Ireland and high-end real estate developments in Canada and South America.

5. Trump is no stranger to controversy and has been sued numerous times over the years — most notably by former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton over alleged violations of an agreement related to their joint venture in the former Trump Taj Mahal casino.

6. Trump has an affinity for luxury, evidenced by his multiple international properties, numerous private jets and helicopter fleet, and a personal Boeing 757 with gold-plated fixtures inside.

7. Trump is well-known for living lavishly but his lifestyle comes at a cost — he reportedly spends up to $1 million each year on private jet travel alone!

8. Although Trump tends to get most of the attention during any public appearance, he actually prefers working behind the scenes where he feels more in control. He is said to spend much of his time discussing policy matters with close advisors and friends rather than interacting with the media or public figures.

9. Trump is notoriously competitive, from his business dealings to his penchant for winning golf tournaments. He even once boasted of having a higher IQ than former President Obama!

10. Donald Trump is no stranger to the world of television and reality shows, having appeared in several projects on both NBC and ABC throughout the years — most famously with The Apprentice series.

It’s no surprise that Donald Trump has been able to achieve so much over his career, but these 10 secrets about him show just how complex and interesting he truly is! As one of the world’s most famous figures, it’s certain that Trump will continue to make headlines for years to come.

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