Top 11 Facts about M83

M83 AllDates 1080x10801 1024x1024 1

M83 AllDates 1080x10801 1024x1024 1

1. M83 has worked with several renowned indie and electronic music artists, including Zola Jesus, Beck and Foals. The collaboration between the group and Zola Jesus on “Intro” from Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming (2011) is one of their most popular collaborative efforts. It was even used in the opening scene of the film Oblivion (2013).

2. Anthony Gonzalez cites a wide range of influences for his style of music, including various genres like rock, electronica and shoegaze. He also draws inspiration from his French roots as well as from different cultures around the world.

3. In 2011, M83 released their first ever Blu-ray audio disc entitled M83: Reunion, which was a collection of their music videos. It contained 14 music videos, edited and remastered in high definition.

4. In addition to making music, M83 is heavily involved in film and television soundtracks as well. The group has composed the soundtrack for various productions including Oblivion (2013), Teen Wolf (2011-2017) and Stranger Things (2016). They have also worked on video game soundtracks such as Grand Theft Auto V (2013). With an impressive array of collaborators and projects, it’s no wonder that M83 remains a leader in the electronic music scene today. Their unique blend of sounds is sure to keep them at the top for years to come.

5. Recording for M83’s third album, Before the Dawn Heals Us was completed in a single month in 2004 and was released the following year. It features heavy use of analogue synthesizers as well as electric guitars and features collaborations with other notable French electronic artists such as Air and Sebastien Tellier.

6. In 2008, M83 released Saturdays = Youth – an album inspired by frontman Gonzalez’s own childhood memories of growing up in Antibes, France during the 1980s. The album featured contributions from Zola Jesus, Morgan Kibby (of White Sea) and Brad Laner (of Electric Company).

7. Since 2009, M83 have been playing live shows with a full band lineup, including live drums, bass guitar and keyboards.

8. For their fifth album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming (2011) M83 featured long-time collaborator Morgan Kibby as an official member of the band. The album was also notable for its two-disc format, with different genres represented on each disc.

9. In 2013 M83 collaborated with French filmmaker Mélanie Laurent to create You And The Night – the soundtrack to her feature film debut of the same name. The album featured six original tracks by Gonzalez as well as other previously released material from the M83 catalogue.

The Grammy nominated 2016 album Junk saw M83 take their unique sound into new territory, with a selection of tracks featuring unexpected guest vocalists and songwriters. The album featured collaborations from Beck, Mai Lan and Steve Vai amongst others.

10. Following the release of Junk, M83 have released two further studio albums – DSVII in 2019 and Raconte-moi Une Histoire in 2020. This latest album saw Gonzalez return to his more electronic roots to create an experimental ambient masterpiece inspired by classic French science fiction.

11. Over its 20 year career, M83 has sold over one million albums worldwide and was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2017 for Best Alternative Album. It is no wonder they are considered one of the most influential acts in modern electronic music.

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