Top 10 Secrets About Devin Hester

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Devin Hester is one of the most recognized names in the NFL. He has had a long and successful career as both a wide receiver and kick/punt returner, having played for the Chicago Bears, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, Seattle Seahawks, and most recently the Philadelphia Eagles. Throughout his time in the league he has compiled some impressive career stats including 11 return touchdowns which ties an NFL record held by Deion Sanders. As well as being a standout player on the field, Hester also holds some impressive records off it too! Here are 10 secrets about Devin Hester that you may not have known:

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1. Hester attended Suncoast High School in Riviera Beach Florida where he was part of an athletic program that produced eight college football players.

2. He was drafted by the Chicago Bears in 2006 and during his time there, he recorded a total of 11 return touchdowns which tied an NFL record held by Deion Sanders.

3. Hester has also appeared in four films: “We Are Marshall” (2006), “Gridiron Gang” (2006), “Fired Up!” (2009), and “The Game Plan” (2007).

4. In 2007, Hester became the first player to score a touchdown on both kick and punt returns for two different teams in the same season; he did this while playing for both the Chicago Bears and Atlanta Falcons.

5. Since joining the league, he has been selected to play in three Pro Bowls (2006, 2007 & 2010).

6. In 2009 Hester was awarded the NFL’s Ed Block Courage Award for his commitment to helping disadvantaged children in Chicago.

7. He is a huge Chicago Bulls fan and often attends their games when not playing football.

8. Amongst his many accolades, Hester won the kick returner of the year award at the 2013 ESPY Awards.

9. He holds numerous NFL records including most return touchdowns, punt returns for a touchdown in one season and career return yards by a rookie player.

10. After retiring from football Hester opened his own restaurant in Jacksonville Florida called “Devin’s DR34M Bar and Grill”.

These are just a few of the secrets about Devin Hester that may surprise even his biggest fans! So if you ever get the chance to talk to him make sure to ask some questions and maybe even learn one or two more of these cool facts. There’s no doubt he’ll be happy to tell you all about it!

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