Top 10 Secrets About Jerry Rice

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Jerry Rice is one of the greatest wide receivers in NFL history. He holds numerous records for receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns, cementing his place among football’s elite. Despite this, many people don’t know all there is to learn about Jerry Rice. Here are 10 secrets about him that may surprise you:

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1. Jerry Rice was a first-round pick in the 1985 NFL Draft by the San Francisco 49ers. This was after he played college ball at Mississippi Valley State University where he won multiple awards including the Black College Player of The Year Award.

2. He earned the nickname “World” from former 49ers quarterback Joe Montana who noted how hard Rice worked during practice sessions and games – even though he was already a great player.

3. Rice has an impressive work ethic and discipline, something he learned from his father at an early age. He was known for waking up extra early to run sprints and for studying game film hours on end in order to improve his performance.

4. He is a three-time Super Bowl champion and two-time NFL MVP, the only wide receiver to achieve these honors in NFL history.

5. His signature move was the ‘Move’, an iconic dance step he would perform after scoring touchdowns that became a trademark of his career with the 49ers – although other teams later adopted it as well.

6. During his career he had over 1,000 receptions, 22,895 receiving yards and 197 touchdowns – all NFL records.

7. After his career in the NFL he tried to become a professional sumo wrestler joining the Wakamatsu stable in Japan for three months but eventually had to abandon the venture due to injury.

8. Rice is a philanthropist who has been active in multiple charities such as the United Way and Boys & Girls Clubs of America, raising money for those in need.

9. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on August 7th 2010 becoming only the sixth wide receiver ever to be named a first ballot member.

10. Jerry Rice holds several other non-NFL related records; including being the oldest player to ever play in a NFL game at the age of 42, as well as being the oldest player to score a touchdown.

These are just a few of the lesser known facts about Jerry Rice that may surprise you. Even after all these years and records, there is still more to learn about this football legend.

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